How to Get Peloton on TV?

Getting Peloton on your TV can revolutionize your workout experience. No longer will you be squinting at a small screen exercise with Peloton on a large display opens up a world of benefits.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to know on how to get Peloton on TV.

Why Consider Getting Peloton on TV?

How To Get Peloton On TV?

Before going into the technicalities, let’s address the “why” behind the topic. A large screen can make a world of difference to your workout regimen. Here’s why getting Peloton on your TV is a fantastic idea.

Larger Display Benefits

A bigger screen offers you a more immersive experience. You can catch every detail, from the instructor’s movements to the scenic backgrounds in the rides. It’s like bringing the energy of a live spin class right into your living room.

Making Workouts More Social

Cycling solo can be great, but having your family or friends join you can make it even better. With a larger screen, everyone can easily follow along, transforming your workout into a fun, collective exercise.

Improved Audio and Visual Experience

Many modern TVs come with superior audio and visual capabilities compared to smaller devices. This enhances the clarity of instructions and the quality of music, making your workout sessions more engaging.

Compatibility Check: What You Need?

Getting Peloton on your TV isn’t complicated, but you do need to ensure your tech is compatible. Here’s what you need to consider.

Types of TVs Compatible with Peloton

While Peloton is versatile, not all TVs are suitable for streaming workouts. Make sure your TV has HDMI ports or is compatible with streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV. Smart TVs with screen mirroring capabilities are also a great fit.

Necessary Hardware

Most likely, you’ll need some extra hardware to make the connection. An HDMI cable is the most straightforward method, but you might also require an adapter, depending on your device. If you’re going the streaming device route, ensure it supports the Peloton app.

How to Get Peloton on TV?

How To Get Peloton On TV?

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are your options to get Peloton displayed on your TV and how to do it.

Using HDMI Cable

  1. Locate the HDMI port on your Peloton and your TV: Typically, the HDMI port is on the back or the side.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable: Insert one end into your Peloton and the other into your TV.
  3. Switch your TV input to HDMI: Use your TV remote to switch to the correct HDMI input.

This method offers a reliable, high-quality connection. No wonder it’s a popular choice!

Via Streaming Devices

Streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast can also broadcast Peloton workouts to your TV.

  1. Install the Peloton App: On your streaming device, go to the App Store and download the Peloton app.
  2. Sign in or Sign up: Open the app and sign into your Peloton account.
  3. Start Streaming: Choose your workout and it will appear on your TV.

This method is perfect if you prefer a wireless setup and have a streaming device handy.

Using Screen Mirroring

Some Smart TVs and devices allow you to mirror the screen directly.

  1. Enable Mirroring on TV: Go to settings and look for a screen mirroring or casting option.
  2. Enable Mirroring on Peloton: Open settings and select the screen mirroring option.
  3. Connect: Follow the prompts to connect the two devices.

Common Issues & Fixes

Sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we’d like. Here are common issues and how to fix them.

  • No Audio: Check your HDMI cable or streaming device settings.
  • Screen Lag: Make sure both devices have strong Wi-Fi connections.
  • App Crashes: Updating the Peloton app and the TV software can often solve this problem.


Can I get Peloton on any TV?

While most modern TVs are compatible, older models without HDMI ports or streaming capabilities may not work.

What is the cost involved in setting up Peloton on TV?

The cost can vary depending on whether you need to purchase additional hardware like HDMI cables or a streaming device.

Is the experience the same as using a Peloton Bike/Tread screen?


Getting Peloton on your TV can be a game-changer for your fitness journey. With several methods to choose from, you can find one that best suits your setup. From larger displays to more social workouts, the benefits are plenty.

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on how to get Peloton on TV. Now all that’s left is for you to try it out yourself!

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