Best Peloton Instructors For Beginners (Ideal For Beginners) [2022]

Beginning cyclists have many questions: Where should I ride? What are the best routes? How fast should I go? Peloton is a great resource for beginners because its instructors create tailored programs for those new to cycling.

With expert guidance, riders can learn the basics of riding a bike while enjoying the company of others on Peloton’s live streaming platform.

Best Peloton Instructors For Beginners

Best Peloton Instructors For Beginners

If you have been thinking about buying a Peloton bike but don’t know where to start, we have the perfect list for you! Here are our picks for the best Peloton instructors for beginners.

Robin Arzon

Robin is another great beginner instructor, especially if you are looking for a high-intensity workout. She is very motivating and always pushes her students to their limits. However, she also takes the time to remind everyone when they need to slow down or take a break.

Matt Wilpers.

Matt is a great beginner instructor because he ensures everyone understands what they are doing and how to do it. He also makes the workout fun by incorporating jokes into his instructions and building up energy by making fun of himself to keep the class moving.

Hannah Corbin.

Hannah is a great instructor for beginners because she goes at a pace everyone can keep up with, and she doesn’t let her students get bored. She also includes all of the basics, from squats and lunges to running in place and push-ups.

Denis Morton.

Denis is an entertaining instructor. He makes sure that everyone understands what they are doing and that they are doing it correctly; he also gets the crowd into class by incorporating choreography into routines that keep people interested.

Cody Rigsby.

Cody is a great instructor because he is very friendly. He makes sure to greet everyone by name even though he has been teaching for years and incorporates all of the basics into his routines.

Tunde Oyeneyin.

This guy is seriously the best instructor. He has a great personality and ensures everyone understands what they are doing and doing it correctly. He also incorporates some fun choreography into routines, which keeps people interested.

Which Peloton Instructor is Best?

There are many excellent Peloton instructors, but some are better than others. Based on my opinion, here is a list of the top 3 instructors on Peloton.

  1. Kristin McGee is one of the best Peloton instructors because she is very knowledgeable about fitness and has a lot of experience as a personal trainer. She also has a great personality and is very motivational.
  2. Rebecca Louise is another great instructor known for her high-intensity workouts. She always keeps her classes exciting and challenging, which is why she’s so popular among Peloton users.
  3. Finally, Nicole Moneer should also be included in this list. She is an excellent motivator and always provides helpful tips to her students, and her classes are always enjoyable and challenging.

What Class Should I Take First on Peloton?

When you first get your Peloton, the first thing you should do is take a spin class. There are many different types of styles to choose from, but my favorite is the cycling class, and it’s a fantastic workout and a great way to start your day.

If you’re unsure which class to take first, I recommend the cycling class. It’s a challenging workout but also a lot of fun.

How Long Should I Be a Beginner in Peloton?

As with anything in life, there is no definitive answer to how long someone should be a beginner in Peloton; it depends on the person’s individual goals and fitness level. However, as a general guideline, it is typically recommended that beginners start by using Peloton for at least six months.

This allows them enough time to become comfortable with the equipment and the exercises and see results. Additionally, Peloton offers a wide variety of workouts that can be tailored to any fitness level, so beginners can gradually increase the intensity of their activities as they progress.


The best Peloton instructors for beginners are those who are motivating and provide explicit instruction. They should also encourage beginners to feel supported in their fitness journey. Lastly, the instructor must have a good sense of humor, as this can make the workout more enjoyable.

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